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EPE/EVA Foam Sheets

EPE/EVA foam sheets are used as a packaging material, insulation & in sports equipment. It is widely used due to its special properties such as shock absorption, flexibility, thermal insulation, and water resistance.
Thermal Properties
EPE foam has better thermal properties than EVA. Typical values for thermal conductivity range from 0.01-0.02 BTU/hr-ft°F for EPE foam, and 0.25-0.29 BTU/hr-ft°F for EVA. EPE’s low thermal conductivity gives it excellent heat resistance, making it a good insulating material for walls, ceilings and roofs. Its effective service temperature ranges from -58°-158°F. For temperatures exceeding this, EVA foam becomes a better alternative up to around 176°F.

Uses and Applications
Both materials show superb versatility, with applications ranging from sports equipment and packaging to soundproofing and insulation. EPE foam remains the choice material for applications that put a premium on cost-effectiveness over durability. Examples of these include packaging, carpet underlays, luggage lining, car door panels and car seats. EVA, on the other hand, takes the lead in applications where sturdiness is of utmost importance. Examples include splints, cervical collars, exercise mats, shoe soles, and orthotic supports.

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